About Us

The Sawle MillA saw in operation at the Sawle Mill in Springview, NE

The Sawle family has logged and sawn aromatic red cedar harvested from Nebraska's Niobrara River Valley for almost forty years. The wide variety of quality products they produced have an excellent reputation. Under new ownership now - the Sawle Mill's high standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction continue. Like the Sawles, we look forward to serving you and providing you the highest quality forest products. Customer satisfaction is our highest goal.


Scenic Niobrara Riverway near Springview, NE  Much of our aromatic cedar is harvested from the Niobrara River Valley. The Eastrn Red Cedar trees grow slowly on the   slopes of the valley and when harvested these trees often yield a premium, colorful log. The quality products the Sawle  Mill makes begin here. In northern Nebraska, the Niobrara River Valley and its tributaries are heavily wooded. Keya  Paha, Brown, Rock, & Cherry county all have large, sustainable, woodlands that thrive when managed and wisely.  Cedar removal is vital componment of best forestry practices.  It reduces fuel loads and improves forest health in  addition to creating forage growth. Good stewardship use of this resource is also its best conservation.  The Eastern  Red Cedar is an encroaching species and it is detrimentally expanding. The Sawle Mill is an important link in the chain  of responsible environmental stewardship and sustainable forestry.