Animal Bedding and Litter

Cattlemen's Choice Premium Animal Bedding

Cedar Fiber packs into an absorbent 'mat' on the stall floor. Other bedding products don't pack in tight like Cedar Fiber and the animals wade in the bedding material. Your animals stay up on top when you choose Cedar Fiber. The Cedar Fiber 'mat' makes a safe, healthy floor for the animal to stand on.  It is easy to fork the manure off the packed Cedar Fiber. It is very absorbent and mitigates odors.  Refresh the surface by adding a little extra after you clean.  Because the Cedar Fiber will last all season, stockmen know they not only have the best animal bedding with Cattlemen's Choice, they also have the best value.  Cattlemen's Choice Premium Animal Bedding  - Cedar Fiber: good to your livestock and good to your pocketbook.

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R & B Feeds

Osceola Farm & Home, Osceola, IA

Knoxville Farm & Home, Knoxville, IA


Juniper Cat Litter - 100% Natural, Organic Cat Litter

Juniper Cat Litter controls odor - nothing else works like it - its amazing

  • Absorbent
  • Lightweight
  • Naturally Fragrant 
  • No Added Chemicals