Cattlemen's Choice

Premium Cedar Fiber Livestock Bedding
Manufacturer: Sawle Mill
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Available bagged in convenient, durable intwerwoven mesh packaging with UV protectant packaging, or in bulk.

Eastern Red Cedar is naturally resistant to molds such as mildew, and insects such as fabric destroying moths (exluding ticks). The Sawle Mill double-grinds the slag and other tertiary processing waste and by-products into increasingly popular Cattlemen's Choice Premium Cedar Fiber Livestock Bedding.

  • Absorbent
  • Aromatic
  • Natural

The unique double-grinding process creates a unique interlocking fiber 'mat' animal bedding which allows livestock to stand, and walk across (rather than 'wading' through) while allowing waste to pass beneath. Coupled with the natural resisant and repellent properties of the cedar results in a superior livestock bedding product. Additionally all wood, including eastern red cedar demonstrates hygroscopic properties, when properly seasoned cedar fiber is a superior choice for moisture absorbent bedding. The aromatic properties of Eastern Red Cedar have the additional benefit of significantly reducing odor.

Our Cattelmen's Choice Premium Fiber Livestock Bedding is available at Bomgaars Supply .

Studies have suggested that when red cedar fiber is used as livestock bedding, dairy cattle have reduced instances of mastitis and exhibit symptons of infection for a shorter duration.