The Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar (ERC) the Sawle Mill processes is harvested in Nebraska. Mostly it comes from woodlands and pastures south of the town of Springview.  Eastern Red Cedar is technically a Juniper: Juniperus Virginiana.  A member of the Cupressaceae family like Redwood, Western Red Cedar, & Cypress.  Juniper is native to North America.

  • SUSTAINABLE: In recent years Juniper has become an encroaching species. Man-made increases to atmospheric CO2 have caused the Juniper tree species to thrive and become a nuisance in both pastures & woodlands.  Harvesting and utilizing Juniper products sequesters Carbon from the Carbon Cycle and reduces mankind’s Carbon footprint.  Left to propigate naturally, Junipers stands are inpenatrable and choke out and kill grasses and other trees.  Juniper stands serve as ladder fuel in woodlands and left unharvested lead to uncontrolable forest fires. Forest Stewardship and Best Rangeland Managment Practices require the removal of unwanted Junipers.  
  • THE SAWLE MILL plays an important role in this virtuous stewardship circle of sustainablity: Without the Sawle Mill, the removed Juniper is piled and burned.  By creating a market for the logs, the resource is conserved and everyone benefits.   ERC, Juniper, Aromatic Cedar,  whatever name is used, the wood has colorful, heavily figured, grain and makes stunning, rustic looking furniture, log siding, paneling, and flooring. It's natural fragrance as been prized for centuries and has been used in closets and chests for naturally controling odors and protecting wool and cotton fabrics from mothes. 

The Sawle Mill sells molder-finished ERC paneling, siding, flooring and trim, in addition to rough-sawn ERC lumber and shingles in a wide variety of dimensions.  The Sawle Mill also sells Cattlemen's Choice, Cedar Fiber Animal Bedding, which is very popular for use with Show Cattle.   Juniper Cat Litter is our newest product.  Juniper Cat Litter offers unrivaled, 100% natural, odor control in the cat box and is available only from the Sawle Mill. We also offer treated and untreated ERC fence posts.  ERC heartwood is naturally durable and resists rot and decay even when embedded in the soil. ERC Landscape Mulch is seasonally available in bags and in bulk.

Shingles - Eastern Red Cedar - one square

One Square of Sawle Mill's number one quality Cedar Shingle

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Rough-sawn Cedar Lumber - 2"

2" thickness, rough-cut cedar lumber available in varying lengths & widths.

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Cedar Flooring

Tongue & Groove interlocking cedar flooring.

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3/4" X 5 1/4" Tongue & Groove Cedar Paneling

3/4" 5 1/4" tongue & groove cedar panels - as low as $3.00 per sq ft

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